Sunday, November 29, 2015

Articles of Faith printable aids

The above picture seems to accurately represent primary children the morning after a "full moon." You know what I'm talking about: the imaginary full moon that we often blame for the irreverent, boisterous behavior that no one can control. But, even on those good Sundays, it may still be hard for our youngest audience members to pay attention, grasp the meaning of what we choristers are trying to accomplish, or even sing a few notes because they're so shy and quiet.

We learn the Articles of Faith each year, aligning one (or two) per month, according to the topics. But how can we help those littlest Sunbeams to learn all 13? Here's a great help I found on Pinterest. I printed the pages off back-to-back and give the page(s) for that Sunday's Article to their teacher. He/she helps the Sunbeams follow along. Even if they don't sing, it gives them something to look at while the rest of us follow the words on the small posterboard.

Isn't that amazing?? Go to Emilie's website - A Year of FHE - and download them all. Give it a try: I'd love to hear if it worked for you, or if you tried any other methods! :)

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