Sunday, November 1, 2015

Boy and Girl popsicle stick faces

There's (almost) nothing more fun than pitting boys against girls when singing, especially with my primary kids. There are, as usual, fewer boys, but I have a few boys in particular that are especially good at singing--and especially determined to sing louder and better than the girls.

Knowing this, I decided to make copies of, color, and laminate the girl and boy faces from pages 6-7 of Sing A Song: Activity & Idea Book, Volume 1 by Finch Family Games, created and illustrated by Karen Finch. My mom had several Finch books in her musical repertoire. I remember the distinctive features of the circular noses, small eyes, and awesome smiles with the 90s-like outfits.

Here are my results:

Super cute, huh? I've also bought Volume 2. Thanks to the Finch family for producing awesome materials over so many years!!!

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