Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas Tree & gifts laminated printable

Pinterest link: How Many Presents Fit Under the Tree?

Website link: Sunbeam Singing

The unnamed author of the site offers the printable clipart needed for this activity. As he/she suggests, there are several different ways to incorporate the tree and presents into an activity. Here are some suggestions:

1. Primary children can "earn" presents to put under the tree. (explained on the site)

2. Each present can have a song attached to it. (explained on the site)

3. I chose a super singer each time we sang a different song to place a present under the tree.

4. Primary children can play the hot/cold game as the presents are hidden throughout the room (the pianist plays either (a) the song attached to the present or (b) the song that they're currently learning).

5. Hide the presents under certain chairs, and each person who had a present under his/her chair gets to pick the song that is sung. You can provide a list of songs from which to choose (good idea for reviewing prior to the Primary Program Presentation), or they can choose any song from the Children's Songbook.

6. Each present is attached to a scripture verse that correlates to the Primary lesson, and a song that relates to the scripture is sung.

7...What other ideas can you come up with? :)

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