Sunday, February 28, 2016

2016 Primary Program: Stand for the Right

Pinterest link: Stand for the Right

Website link: Music for Primary

When I read this idea on Pinterest, I realized it's another material-less, print-less, buy-less activity that teaches the primary kids the song using tactile methods. My junior and senior primary kids loved learning this song! Because the method to learn was different, they jumped on board.

Let's start with the first line: "Our prophet has some words for you..." Have one CTR/Valiant class clap the 1-2-3, 1-2-3 time signature rhythm mentioned on the website. Once they've got it down, have them sing the words as they clap. At this point, they only clap to and sing this line of the song.

Next line: "And these are the words, 'Be True, be true.'" Have a different CTR/Valiant class pat - not slap - their legs to the 1-2-3 rhythm. Once they've got it down, have them sing the words as they pat. At this point, they only pat to and sing this line of the song.

Third line: "At work or at play, in darkness or light..." Have a third CTR/Valiant class snap their fingers to the 1-2-3 rhythm. If they can't snap, have them tap their fingers together in a fake snap. Once they've got it down, have them sing the words as they snap. At this point, they only snap to and sing this line of the song.

I chose to split up the last line into "Be true, be true..." and "And stand for the right." I specifically gave the "Be true, be true..." line to the to the youngest groups in each primary: Sunbeams and CTR 4 in junior primary, and Valiant 8 in senior primary. For both groups, I simply had them say the words, no motion involved.

For the "And stand for the right" part, I had the entire primary stand up and sing the line.

After we followed this routine a few times, singing through the short song completely, I had the entire primary do all the motions and sing all the lines. It was a great success!

I'm even thinking of teaching the Nursery the words and motions. I don't expect it to be as near a success with such tiny ones, but they'll love hearing the song, and what 18 month old-3 year old doesn't like to clap, pat, snap, and stand up? :)

Have you taught this song? If so, what method(s) did you use, and how did it go?

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Wiggle Worms & Reverent Snuggle Bugs + Stake Conference

Pinterest link: Wiggle Worms

Pinterest link: Reverent Snuggle Bugs

Website link:

I saw the CUTEST idea on Pinterest!!! This is such a GREAT aid to make. Just look at how cute my Wiggle Worms and Reverent Snuggle Bugs turned out!

I don't have a Cricut machine, and I don't plan on getting one any time soon because it's expensive, and I really don't think I'd use it enough to make it worth buying.

So, I use a small, circular lid to trace for the worms. I cut out each circle individually, and I used two popsicle sticks glued together instead of buying larger, thicker popsicle sticks.

I washed out two of my mason jars in my jars and glasses collection in the garage to hold all of the worms. I still have to label them with chalkboard labels, but I'm so excited to use them!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Area Conference, Sick, & Activity/Idea books

Area Conference was today, but the kids and I have a cold. It could be allergies, but our red, sniffling noses aren't pretty, so we'll stay home and be stingy with our germs. I heard it was great--but, really, when is it not? :) I love all conference and church meetings.

Some of the books that I've bought to use to teach primary songs include:

I've also used resources from Etsy:

1. I Love to see the Temple Children's File Folder Game - Downloadable PDF Only

2. Singing Stop/Go - Downloadable File

3. Super Singer Badges - Downloadable File

4. Color Sing - Downloadable File

5. Singing Time Thermometer - Downloadable File

6. Follow The Prophet Clip Art

What are some of your favorite resources/downloads/websites? Be sure to include a link so we all can share in the great ideas! <3

Sunday, February 7, 2016

2016 Primary Program: I Will Follow God's Plan

Pinterest link: I Will Follow God's Plan gameboard

Website link: Camille's Primary Ideas

All choristers should use this idea to teach "I Will Follow God's Plan." Believe me, it was a SUPER HUGE HIT!!! Junior and senior primary kids were completely involved.

I did split up senior primary into two teams, but I kept junior primary as one big team. However, both primaries only got halfway through during one Singing Time, so this game takes at least two Sundays to play, but the kids will definitely know the song in the end. :)

Follow Camille's plan, and you can't go wrong. I made the game board only 12x18, so definitely make it a bigger size. A landscape game board may be easier, but vertically as it is works just fine.

If you use this idea, I'd love to hear how it went: did you change anything? Did you teach the song in one singing session, or did it take 2? Let me know! 

***And a big thanks to Camille for all the work she put into this game!***