Sunday, February 14, 2016

Area Conference, Sick, & Activity/Idea books

Area Conference was today, but the kids and I have a cold. It could be allergies, but our red, sniffling noses aren't pretty, so we'll stay home and be stingy with our germs. I heard it was great--but, really, when is it not? :) I love all conference and church meetings.

Some of the books that I've bought to use to teach primary songs include:

I've also used resources from Etsy:

1. I Love to see the Temple Children's File Folder Game - Downloadable PDF Only

2. Singing Stop/Go - Downloadable File

3. Super Singer Badges - Downloadable File

4. Color Sing - Downloadable File

5. Singing Time Thermometer - Downloadable File

6. Follow The Prophet Clip Art

What are some of your favorite resources/downloads/websites? Be sure to include a link so we all can share in the great ideas! <3

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