Sunday, March 6, 2016

2016 Primary Program: Beautiful Savior

I love this song! I loved it as a child, and I still love to sing it. But, the descant was always my favorite part. Almost 20 years ago, my hometown ward choir sang the song, and I got to sing the descant at the pulpit. To say the least, I was excited--and super nervous. It has a large range, and I didn't want to go off key and mess it up.

Now that I'm the chorister, I have a chance to teach the Primary this song, and I have two ladies in Valiant 11 that are willing to sing the descant. I don't know if they're nervous, but I'm sure I'm nervous enough for all of us! ;)

I decided to teach this song using printed, laminated words and pictures. Any time I want fancy colors or font for the words, I simply use Microsoft Office WordArt, and I use pictures or clipart from Microsoft Office Online Pictures, public domain image sites, or Media page. Here are words I created and pictures/clipart I used:


I only did this method with the first two verses. The third verse will be sung with ASL, and the descant will be sung by two Valiant 11 girls.

These primary children are amazing singers, but since we missed 2 Sundays because of back-to-back conferences, and I was sick the Sundays before and after Conference Sundays, I'll still use the words when we sing...just in case. :)

Does your primary know this song? How did you teach/review it?

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