Monday, March 21, 2016

UPDATE: Beautiful Savior

Sunday the 13th: Using the printable words and pictures that I put together, I hid them by taping them under random Primary chairs. Some kids got one, and some didn't, but we all worked together to figure out the next word in the song and tape them in order up on the rolling white board. We sang the song after a phrase or two. For example, once we put together "Fair is the sunshine," we'd sing that much. Once we added "Fairer the moonlight," we'd sing the new phrase by itself and then sing from the beginning up to that point.

Sunday the 20th: I mixed up all the words and pictures and handed them out to the kids. All but 3 kids had one in Junior Primary, and all but 5 had one in Senior Primary. The kids who didn't have one had to help me put all the pieces together by lining up the kid in order around the room. Then, we sang the first and second verses, and the third once we got back to our chairs. Also, we practice listening to the piano so we could remember the very few notes between verse 1 and 2, and the several more notes between verse 2 and 3.

***EXTRA UPDATE: We are not doing the descant for this Sunday, but the song is part of our Primary Program, so we will include it then, and perhaps some hand bells, too? :D

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