Sunday, March 27, 2016

UPDATE: Beautiful Savior Performance


I received soooooo many compliments about the children's performance today in Sacrament Meeting! The credit goes to the children: they listened so well, followed along, and were so reverent, and the sign language was clear and beautiful. One of the brethren came up to me and told me he was in tears when the children were signing. He - and several others - said they can tell I was meant to have this calling.

It's always wonderful to hear things like that, especially when I worry that I haven't had enough time to teach the songs because of conference Sundays, personal illness, or my children's illnesses.

I work extremely hard to prepare the songs, activities, materials, or anything else I might need. I email the songs in advance by at least 1-2 weeks to my accompanists so they will feel comfortable playing in Primary and Sacrament meeting. I plan out about a month in advance, if I can, in case I don't have time later or the off chance I need a substitute.

It was a beautiful Easter Sunday with perfect weather and such adorable Primary children in their Easter Sunday best. I'm so grateful... <3

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