Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Awesome, CHEAP Primary materials from...

FAIR WARNING: if you work on a primary OR personal budget, the following websites may create or increase a current unhealthy spending habit due to the awesome, CHEAP materials that can be found on these sites for Primary Singing Time. Or Sharing Time. Or your personal household.

You get the point. :) YOU'VE BEEN WARNED! Hehe...

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- and offer RIDICULOUSLY CHEAP products that I've found work for Primary Singing Time, especially if on a small or non-existent Primary budget, or if using personal money.

Here are some of the items I found for my Singing Time that were $1, $2, or $3 apiece, excluding the $8 xylophone--still a great deal!

1. Christmas/winter pens--I'm going to use these as Christmas chorister batons!

2. Musical rattle--great for background bells for Christmas, or possibly Easter, songs, too.

3. Large maracas/sand rattles--good for beat practices or songs with varied rhythms.

4. Xylophone--have a child or two play certain colored keys during a performance?

5. Piano key sticks--help children learn to play part of a song during Singing Time.

NOTE: Of the 20 or so items that I've ordered, they take approximately 4-6 weeks to arrive but haven't been damaged or arrived with lost pieces. I've seen a few reviews in which items are late, damaged, or missing pieces, or the conversion size is wrong. Pay particular attention to the DESCRIPTION section of each item in order to ensure order accuracy. Also, it's a site that sells a VARIETY of items, if you know what I mean, so please take care to search correctly. It's a https:// encrypted site, so it should be more safe than a typical http site. But, always take care.

Comment below with any questions you have about this site or its products. :)

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