Sunday, April 17, 2016

Chorister Helper Batons

I don't know how many of you actually direct the songs during Primary versus using motions or flip charts for every single song. Maybe you direct the sings once the Primary children have learned it well enough, or maybe you do something else. For me, I LOVE directing the songs, whether 4/4 time, 3/4 time, 6/8 get the point. :)

The Primary kids LOVE to copy me when I direct the music. Many of them do it because they enjoy it, but a few started out mimicking me to get attention when I first was called as Music Leader. You know the kids: class clowns.

What could I do to level the playing field so that everyone had fun without going about it the wrong way? Well, when I found these music-topped pencils, I just had to get them. I knew I could use them to reward the well-behaved children and, simultaneously, entice the others to focus, participate, and get the correct kind of attention that they seek: eyes on them at the front of the Primary room. And they seem to really enjoy it, which makes me super excited!

For now, I keep the pencils in a small Easter/spring-themed metal bucket on a table at the front. During any song, I will choose a reverent child or two - or six, since there are six pencils from which to choose - to come up and help me lead. Boy, do they love that!

I think it's extremely important to teach children the basics of music. So many studies have been conducted and articles written - here, here, and here, for examples - of how good music is a positive influence on education, behavior, and even society. So, why not start in the Primary room? :)

What do you use to help your Primary kids learn how to lead music? Ho has music changed your life?

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