Wednesday, April 6, 2016

"Heroes of the Scriptures" song - Friend, June 1998

Can we just take one minute to admire the SPECTACULAR bulletin board design idea in the picture above?? HUGE props to Kay Maynard and her blog post on!!! Check it out. NOW. :)

An extra song I'm choosing to teach this year is "Heroes of the Scriptures" from the June 1998 Friend magazine. So far, I've found some Pinterest pins and corresponding primary blogs (including Kay's) that have helped me decide on the following aids:

Scripture Hero pictures and info sheets
Verse 3: Mary, Samuel face, Moroni, Jesus (for "God's perfect Son" line at end of song)

I'll read/summarize all or some from the information sheet, whatever corresponds with the song information about each person, i.e. Noah and courage/courageous. After going over each person in the first verse, I'll let some kids hold up the pictures or wear the face cutouts. I'll repeat for each verse, but I'm only doing one verse per week, as I'm teaching other songs during Singing Time, too! :)

Are you teaching this song? How are you choosing to teach it?

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