Monday, April 4, 2016

Mother's Day Song: My Mother Dear + April Showers printables

For Mother's Day (May 8th), I'm teaching the Primary how to sing "My Mother Dear." I'm using the memory game technique to make learning more impactful.

The picture above shows the laminated printables for the first part of the game. I'm using 9 raindrops with half of each phrase from the song taped on the backs of them. One raindrop will be blank on the back unless you want to use the title of the song or the "Bonus Flip!" that I included on the downloadable page.

I'll tape them up on the board so everyone can see the phrases when we flip them over.

Follow the regular memory game rules (found here). You could have the Primary work together as one big team rather than splitting them up into teams of boys vs. girls, left side vs. right side, etc.

I'm using the umbrella and raindrops for our April Singing Times. For our May 1st Singing Time, I'm using the flowers (picture shown below). Same game, just different pictures: a sun instead of an umbrella, and flowers instead of raindrops. :)

Files available for download here:

This is a printable that can be used for various songs. Just print more raindrops and flowers. The raindrops are good for rainy days or in the middle of summer during a lack of rain. The flowers work for all of spring or in the middle of winter when you miss flowers growing out of the snow. :)

***Make sure to print AFTER you download the files and then open them. If you try to print from the Google Drive preview, it may not print correctly.***

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