Sunday, April 24, 2016

Primary Puppets...wait, what?

Oh, what do you during Singing Time when kids won't hear the songs?

Do you beat on a gong?
Or try to stay strong
as you pray for the Holy Ghost?
Is that what you do?


In Primary.

It could be a sign of creativity, delusion, or...? :)

But, I'm trying an idea mentioned on the LDS Primary Choristers Group Facebook page: puppets who sing the wrong words to the Primary songs. They each have a name, too, to represent the kinds of kids in Primary:

Molly Mormon
Peter Priesthood
Too Cool Tony
Shy Sally
Loud Larry
Chatty Cathy
Debbie Downer
...and others...

At the same time that I'm teaching the songs, the puppets act as (1) examples of how to be friends with various kinds of people, (2) reminders of what not to do, and (3) how to work together to reach a common goal.

Here are the puppets I got for our Primary:

Multi-Ethnic puppets

Etsy puppets - 1

Etsy puppets - 2 finger puppets

Any thoughts of words of advice? :)

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