Sunday, May 29, 2016

Father's Day Song: Fathers

For Father's Day, I'm teaching the Primary "Fathers" (Children's Songbook pg. 209). Because I have a mandatory work meeting on June 5th, I won't be able to do with the Primary what I had originally intended. So, maybe one of you could do it or save it for next year! :)

My original plans included singing all 3 verses like this:
  • verse 1: have the children of a large family in the ward sing this verse. Primary joins in on chorus.
  • verse 2: the Bishop's children (whether they're in Primary or not, but only IF they're in the ward) sing this verse. Primary joins in on chorus.
  • verse 3: Primary sings this verse and chorus.
To teach the song, I wrote words and drew pictures on a large easel pad. This is what I ended up with:

I chose to put verses 2 and 3 on the same paper instead of writing/drawing the chorus 2 more times. The children loved it! And to motivate them even more on June 12th - the Sunday before we sing "Fathers" in Sacrament Meeting - we're playing the cut the tie activity along with rolling the dice! I'm so excited--and so are they! They have no idea what's coming. I love my Primary kids! They're such great singers! <3

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