Sunday, June 12, 2016

"Cut the Tie" Activity

SOOOOOO many people have posted about the Cut the Tie activity to learn a song that I had to try it out!

Here are some photos of the spouse-volunteered brethren and the tie-cutting ceremonies:

Yes, I held hostage the tie pieces from junior primary for "fair warning" to the two brethren and Bishop coming in for senior primary! :D

Here is what I did right:
  • The kids sang great! Their energy and enthusiasm were contagious.
  • I came prepared with 3 volunteers each for junior and senior primary, in case 1-2 couldn't make it or forgot.
  • Each of the brethren got their ties cut, and we got through the song "Fathers" enough times for the kids to feel comfortable singing during Sacrament Meeting.

Here is what didn't go so well:
  • The kids quickly became irreverent. I had to curb their enthusiasm slightly by reminding them that we were still in church.
  • Scissors. I cannot emphasize this enough: HAVE A GREAT PAIR OF SHARP FABRIC SCISSORS. I brought 3 pairs of scissors, but they were dull or non-fabric scissors.

Here is what I'll do differently next time:
  • The kids will use a sharpie/pen/highlighter to draw a line on the tie, and the chosen brother sill have to cut his own tie!
  • The chosen brother will stand up when cutting his tie so everyone can see (back and furthest rows had a slight difficulty seeing the cutting at an angle).
Overall, it was a roaring success, and I'm so glad this idea was mentioned on the LDS Primary Choristers' Facebook group page.

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