Sunday, June 19, 2016

Puppets "Sing-A-Wrong"


 Left to right: Shy Sara, New Kid Nolan, Bored Bob, Debbie Downer

Left to right: Too Cool Tony, Chatty Cathy, Know-It-All Nate, Irreverent Irene

Puppets in Primary Sing-A-Wrong to "Faith" featuring Shy Sara

What I did:
  • I introduced Shy Sara to primary after I quickly and silently set up. The kids were highly intrigued as I'm a very vocal, excited person.
  • Several times I had Sara whisper into my ear, stare at primary kids, conduct the music, hide if the kids weren't singing loudly or well enough, and appear if they sang louder and better.
  • Here are the words Sara sang wrong.
What went right:
  • Junior primary loved it! They helped Shy Sara overcome her fear of singing in public because she mispronounced the words to due to two missing front teeth.
  • Junior primary thought she was cool when she conducted the song with her hands.
  • Junior primary learned the entire first verse to help Sara come out from behind the stand when she was too shy to sing.
What went wrong:
  • Senior primary didn't respond as well as junior primary. Maybe there is an actual ventriloquist in the ward??
  • Senior primary learned the first verse, too, but got really hung up on all the "wrong" words.
Overall, it was a great learning experience. Do you have any questions for me?

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