Sunday, July 3, 2016

2016 Primary Program: I Love to See the Temple

We are learning "I Love to See the Temple" starting today. We'll learn verse 1 today - although most of the kids probably know this line already - and verse 2 next Sunday. We'll sing through both verses on the 17th for a review.

In order to solidify the learning process, I had planned to use a Build a Temple File Folder game by GreenJelloWithCarrot, but I'm rescheduling it for the 17th, after we've learned both verses. Instead, today we'll use this spinner by SusanFitchDesign I found on Etsy.

I printed it off (per the instructions) on cardstock, laminated it, and made a very makeshift, rough spinner using an old pizza pan, a small but strong metal hook, and a baby-proofing cabinet lock. Here it is:

My primary LOVES the spinner!!! Three times they spun "every other word," made funnier by the "woes" of the first counselor--a tough but good challenge for kids and adults alike. They got to stand on their chairs for one of the sing-throughs, but I set the ground rules before they could move: get help getting on the chair if you need help, don't move around once you're standing up, and you have to sing or you can't participate. They totally followed the rules. I only had to remind one kid! :)

How did you teach this song to your Primary kids?

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