Sunday, July 10, 2016

Melody Map


I've seen several posts about melody mapping a song, so here I go to try it!

I'm going to use this "melody map" to introduce a lesser-known song about temples, pg. 153 "The Lord Gave Me a Temple." At first, every note of the song that I cut out based on beat length was also a different color of construction paper, but I quickly realized that was too complicated. Here's what I got:

The longer the paper strip, the longer the beat length. The shorter the paper get it. :) A visual representation of the notes, their lengths, and their place in comparison to the paper strip notes on each side helps the kids understand the highs and lows of the song and what to expect next. I drew black lines that connect the pieces to help kids follow along even better, too.

What do you think of melody maps?

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