Sunday, August 21, 2016

Family Olympics

We're having an Olympic-themed Singing Time on the 28th of August, but it'll be pretty low key as I'll still be recovering from my tympanoplasty (eardrum) surgery on the 19th.

Here's the breakdown:
  • TORCH: a flashlight, paper towel tube, black construction paper, tape, and tissue paper.
  • OPENING CEREMONY SONG: "Grandmother," substitute for word "grandfather" in second verse
  • INDIVIDUAL EVENT: "Quickly I'll Obey," pass torch from child to child, repeat song if needed until every child has had a chance to hold the torch
  • TEAM EVENT: "When We're Helping," each primary class chooses a different chore/activity/event, etc. to substitute for word "helping" ("When we're vacuuming, we're happy...)
  • CELEBRATORY/GOLD MEDAL SONG: "We Are a Happy Family," gold coins may be edible chocolate coins in gold foil or a printed/laminated medal for Fast Sundays
  • SCORECARDS: dry erase cards filled out by Primary Presidency
Here are two pictures of my homemade torch:

Have you done an Olympics-themed Singing Time? Tell me about it! :)

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  1. I did an olympic theme this past Sunday and the kids loved it! I had the primary presidency be the judges and gave them a form to fill out. They were to judge us on Words, Sound, and Spirit. Based on those three things they gave us a final score. 10-8 was Gold, 7-5 was Silver and anything below a 5 was Bronze (we tied this into the three degrees of glory). We sang each program song (or as many as we had time for) and then wrote the songs under our medals depending on the scores given. I told the kids they had to get 4 songs under the Gold and they would get a gold medal (a chocolate gold coin with a ribbon)...sadly they did not get it this time. So we called it the Olympic Trials and we'll try it again in two weeks after we have a week to work on the things the judges wrote down that gave us a low score. So we'll see if we can earn those gold medals! This was a great way for me to see where the kids need help and what to focus on in the weeks before our program.