Sunday, August 7, 2016

Super Singer Badges

These badges are a great motivational tool to get kids singing or reward those who sing all the songs/use enthusiasm/are really trying. 

I printed, laminated, and cut out the badges. During any part of any song in Opening Exercises or Singing Time, I pass out the badges. A badge gets the primary child a reward that (if edible) cannot be "partaken of" until after church, like small, individually-wrapped candies or lollipops. On Fast Sundays, I use non-edibles, like pencils or stickers.

I do not believe that every child should get one every Sunday just for trying or being cute or because he/she is my favorite. Some kids refuse to sing, whether scared or shy or rude. Others can have the best enthusiasm while singing, but the worst attitude right before or after singing. I dish these out on a very limited basis. It must truly be earned, and I remind the primary kids that just because they didn't get one doesn't mean they didn't do a good enough job to earn one. :)

Do you use any kind of motivators? I'd love to build up my repertoire!

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