Sunday, September 25, 2016

2017 Primary Chorister Planner

I just ordered, printed, and bound my 2017 Primary Chorister Planner! I'm so excited to start planning for next year, but let's not get ahead of ourselves: I need to focus on this year's Primary Program.

Here is the link to this fabulous item (and be sure to check out all of Collette's other awesome things):

Sunday, September 18, 2016

REVIEW: Build An Ice Cream Cone



So last week was Stake Conference, which means today I finally got to use my Singing Time Ice Cream activity! It's super simple, especially for people like me who can't draw. Or color. You'll see what I mean.

I introduced the activity by asking the children which season was now upon us. The right answer being "fall/autumn," I then asked what special dessert item was best for the prior season. I received a resounding "ICE CREAM" reply! I had the pieces for this activity already on the board, so that may have given it away, but I'd like to think they were on track with where I was going with my line of questioning anyway.

Let me show you what I came up with:

I drew cutouts of ice cream scoops, a cone, and a cherry-on-top. I colored, laminated, and cut them out. I use itty bitty STRONG magnets (shown above) to keep the cutouts up on the white board during Singing Time. Each scoop is a different color or color(s). Make as many scoops as you need. Here are the directions for the activity:

Each piece of this activity has a song on the back. When a child chooses a piece (cone must be chosen first), he/she gets to come up with a flavor for the piece. It could be simple, like blueberry or white vanilla. It could end up disgusting and weird, as my primary children proved, like "Burps and Farts" and "Cecil."

After the first child names the cone with a "flavor" and the song has been sung, the next child must remember the name of the prior piece in order to pick a new piece, name the next flavor, and sing the corresponding song.

We used this to review "Praise to the Man," "Stand for the Right," and "I Love To See the Temple." Each piece had a different verse. You could include "Child's Choice" or "Wiggle Song" as extra options.

The kids had a blast. Senior primary didn't get too out of hand, and junior primary simply enjoyed building a tall ice cream cone and singing. :)

Let me know your success with this activity!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Product Review: Singing Time Shout Out

Oh my goodness, have you ever played the game "Spot It!"? Waaaaay too much fun, and the best news ever is...a fellow Primary Music Leader has come up with a Primary Singing Time version!!!


Today was our first Primary Program review, only for songs, though. When I planned out my whole year of Singing Time, I made sure to leave a few Sundays in which we rehearsed the songs prior to our official rehearsals in the chapel.

For today's unofficial rehearsal, I used "Singing Time Shout Out," the Singing Time version of "Spot It!", created by Rise and Shout on EtsyIt was an absolute hit!

I changed the chairs around from class rows to a large circle with 3-4 openings for walkways. I explained the rules and passed out the cards, and we played the game.

It's just like Spot It. Each child (and teacher, if possible) gets one card. Each card has several pictures on it, and at least one picture on one card will match a picture on any other card, so there will ALWAYS be a match. The pictures could be a thermometer so you play hot/cold or a volume speaker with a 'P' or 'F' for piano (soft) or forte (loud). I collected the cards back up after a match was made because I didn't want the kids memorizing the pictures to cheat. ;) We reviewed "I Will Follow God's Plan" and "If I Listen With My Heart" and sang through both a few times.

I plan to use this game in our next Singing Time, September 18th (next Sunday is Stake Conference). For only $2.00, this printable is completely worth it!



FYI, the game is normally $3.50, but if you hurry, you can snag it for the continued special $2 price!!! :D