Sunday, October 16, 2016

Bubble gum, Bubble gum, In a Dish...

Colleen Kelley Woodbury is in the LDS Primary Chorister's Facebook group and posted something about a Super Singing machine using Skittles. I don't have the woodworking talent to build one, and my super amazing woodworking mom (also a previous primary music leader) is in Texas, so I turned to good ol' Amazon and found a bubble gum machine! :)

I'm using this for Singing Time for the next several weeks via different activities. For example, on October 30th, we'll be playing Trick, Treat, or Share, and some of the cards will allow the primary child to get a gumball. The color of the gumball will determine which song we'll sing.

I found the bubble gum pieces for this machine on Amazon, too! I've been teasing the kids with this machine for 2 weeks, so they're super excited for this activity! :D

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