Sunday, October 30, 2016

Primary Program - A Success in So Many Ways...

I am so proud of my little singers!!! They sang so well, knew the words, and brought their parents to tears. :) The primary even sang better than the congregation during "Praise to the Man"! And all the kids wanted to sing during Singing Time guessed it..."Praise to the Man"!

We spent Singing Time having fun: singing songs of every season, songs about Jesus, fun and active songs, reverent songs, etc. We played the Trick or Treat or Share Halloween version of Sing or Dare. THEY LOVED IT!

The biggest success for me was hearing the kids exactly how they sing for the first time, after the success of my eardrum surgery. What a wonderful experience for me... <3

And look at how sweet my son's CTR 7 class is:

How was your program? Things you'll do the same or differently? What did you do for Singing Time?

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