Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sing or Dare: Halloween edition

If you don't want to do a costume-themed Singing Time but still want some fun while singing, have you tried Sing or Dare: Halloween edition?

Danielle Gilmore posted on the LDS Primary Chorister's Facebook group page a great idea called "Trick or Sing," the Halloween version of the fun "Sing or Dare" activity.

Maybe someone has beat me to this idea, but I changed it up a little bit to "Trick, Treat, or Share":

  • There will be 3 types of paper slips in a Halloween bucket at the front of the primary room: trick, treat, or share. 
  • A "trick" paper means the primary does a "trick" while singing a song, e.g. standing on one foot, holding their tongue, closing their eyes, singing in the dark, etc.
  • A "treat" paper allows the primary children who pulled the "treat" paper to press down on the top of the gumball machine to get a random bubble gum piece. Each color of bubble gum piece signifies something different.
    • red--active/fun song
    • yellow--summer song
    • blue--reverent song
    • green--spring song
    • orange--fall song
    • purple--song about Jesus
    • white--winter song
    • pink--song of choice
  • A "share" paper allows the primary child who pulled the "share" paper to pick how to share a song.
    • girls sing to boys
    • boys sing to girls
    • children sing to teachers
    • teachers sing to children
    • a capella (sing to pianist)
The activity is finished when all cards are used, all the children have had a turn, or Singing Time is over. :)

Trick Treat Share cards

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  1. Sing or Dare is one of our favorites! This is such a cute idea! Thanks!