Sunday, December 18, 2016

Would You Rather...? Game

Would you rather wear an ugly Christmas sweater every day for one year or live with the Abominable Snowman for one week?

Last Sunday and today, we've played the "Would You Rather...?" game, and the kids loved it!!!

I found a Christmas version of the game which made it even more worthwhile.

Here's the copy I found: Christmas "Would You Rather"

1. Ask the primary children a "Would You Rather" question.
2. Have children move to one side or the other of the room based on their responses.
3. Call on a reverent child from one side of the room to come up to the front of the room.
4. Ask him/her to pick either heads or tails.
5. Flip a coin.
6. If the coin side is the same as the child's answer, his/her side sings the song. If the coin side doesn't match, the other side of the room sings the song.
7. Repeat.

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