About Me

Isn't my family's (most recent) Christmas photo so charming?

Hazel eyes, short, loud. Will turn off my hearing aids if you annoy me. :) I've 

played piano for 19+ years and love to sing alto. Teaching Primary Singing 

Time, working with Texas school choirs, and directing my church's ward choir 

are some of my favorite memories. Oh, and I love autumn.

I'm 28 years old, married to a legitimate genius (180 IQ...whaaaaat?) who 

works as a Medical Scientist, and living in a beautiful city in Washington State.

We have 3 kids so far but want 1-3 more; plus, we plan on building a home and

fostering and adopting!

I have hearing loss in both ears, slightly more loss in my left, as a result of

constant childhood ear infections. God has blessed me with an amazing musical

talent, and I'm so grateful. I am loud both by nature and nurture--oldest of 4

kids in a very rambunctious and fun family!

I've finally received the calling of a lifetime and plan to fulfill it to my best

ability! Join me on this journey as I teach children a love for music and, in

return, am taught by the children. <3

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